Here’s a short overview of what I can do in the field of healing and wellness and the possible paths to reach a healthy and joyful life: I could support you in your healing process in almost all complaints and illnesses, physically and mentally. 

Most people will think ’that can’t be’ because nowadays people are so accustomed to the specialists in the hospitals who are very good in one field.

The truth is that there is the same base for all ailments. And when we start from the base we’ll reach all the consequences following after. 

So I started studying the base (the nature) of the human body, mind and spirit. After I became a physician I did quite some natural studies to be able to stimulate the process of healing to make it quicker. And…..I am still studying, improving, trying to understand life and the human body and psyche better.

When I said ‘almost all complaints and illnesses’ I mean:
· Most of the pains wherever in the body 
. Almost all organ disorders 
· Almost all mental disorders
· Dysfunction of the body (e.g. osteoporosis)
· Deviation of all natural processes (e.g. the inability to get pregnant).  

Another part of my functioning is prevention and helping to live a passionate and joyful life. 
For that I give:
· Exercises
· Coaching
· Individual counseling
· Relationship counseling
· Counseling in intimacy and sexuality
· Counseling in spirituality
· Reiki and massage

Please spend the time to look at the video below. It tells you a lot about preventing and healing chronic diseases. It is about the same way how I shall take care of your health, only I’ll also give you treatments.