In May, June, July and August € 45 per night

Availibility in 2024, 2025 and 2026 see Bung. Calendar

Charco del Palo is a naturalistic village in Lanzarote where we already come for 15 years. In those years we invite about 50 people and only one would not come back. For naturists this village (including Lanzarote) is a paradise. In 2022 we bought a villa plus bungalow. The bungalow we let for short terms.

The bungalow

  • A detached small house with space all around to enjoy the sun all day.
  • Living room with sofa and table, television with a lot of canals.
  • Kitchencorner with electric cooking, oven, micro wave, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine etc.
  • Sleepingroom with a bed of 180×200 cm (2 mattresses of 90×200 cm).
  • Bathroom with washstand, douche, toilet, hairdryer.
  • Covered terrace.
  • Open terrace.
  • Upstairs terrace protected to the wind and with view to the sea and around the village.
  • Barbecue.
  • Outdoor shower.
  • 90 meters from the sea.
  • No smoking inside. Also not outside when the smoke goes in.

The village

  • There are 3 spots to swim in seawater: 2 large pools with daily fresh seawater and a rock where you can go into the sea directly.
  • Walking is possible in 3 directions for about 0,5 to 1,5 hours to reach to the next village. It is so quiet that a lot of people do that naked.
  • It is a quiet but pleasant village with its supermarket and 4 restaurants/bars.
  • There are residents, hibernates and tourists for 1 week or longer. They are of a lot of nationalities; we speak Dutch, English, German and Spanish every day.


  • Is a Canary Island. The Canary Islands are well knownIs as the islands of permanent springtime because the climate is mild, not too hot, not too cold. In the winter and in the summer the temperature is more enjoyable than in Spain, Italy, Greece or France. In the winter Lanzarote has an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius with an average of 7 hours sun per day.
  • The longest part of the island is 60 km, the broadest 20 and the highest peak is 611 meters.
  • From Charco del Palo the largest distance is reachable in 1 hour with the car. Driving is very easy, there are almost no hair-pin bends and no high climbing routes for the cars. In the north where Charco del Palo lies the traffic is very quiet.
  • Part of the island is volcanic landscape (La Geria in the south) with interesting craters. In the north it is more green.  The is a variety in the nature with different colors of rocks, sand dunes and beaches and when it rains the island is full of flowers.
  • You can swim in the sea, even in the winter the temperature of seawater is 18 degrees Celsius. You can hike for hours, go on your mountain bike, surf or go paragliding.
  • There are about 10 touristic centers, all of them surprising and worth to see.
  • To drink and eat on the many terraces is a pleasure, the prices are lower than in west Europe.
  • People make contact easily. They are friendly and hospitable.


  • Charco del Palo is unic in the world because it is an open village, not surrounded by fences and gates. It lies at the sea. There is one asfalt road and 2 dirt roads to the village. That means that the people who come here had chosen for it because it is a seaside resort. People come from far for the naturism and to relax. In spite of that it is a cosy not crowded place, no music, no garbage, no tents at the coast. You know that from other naturalistic places.
  • In Lanzarote there are about 4 other beaches where you can be naked. There you will be among other naked and dressed people.

Who are we?

  • We love people and social life and find these here.
  • Because of that we try to put the human being and humanity on the first place.
  • We love the variety of people we find here in Charco del Palo and in Lanzarote. That’s why we call the villa and the bungalow ‘Arco Iris’, Spain for Rainbow.
  • We love nature and naturism.
  • We don’t use cookies.

Prices from 1-9-2024

  • € 70 p.n. for 1 to 2 weeks
  • € 65 p.n. in week 3 and 4
  • € 60 p.n. in week 5 and 6
  • € 55 p.n. in week 7 and 8
  • etc: every next 2 weeks the price go down with € 5 until week 26
  • End cleaning € 80

Prices from 1-9-2025 start with € 75 p.n.


Rainbow Villa
The bungalow
The path to the bungalow
The entrance
The roof terrace / solarium
Roof terrace
View from roof terrace to sea
The barbecue and shadow bathing